• 1.The products are used in various power distribution systems in the Rail Transit industry, suitable for not only High-speed railways, Ordinary trains,Subways, Light rails (tramcars) DC 750V and 1500V Inverter appliances, but also Passenger car air conditioners, Power supplies, Backup power supplies, Battery system and Traction power supply system.

    2.Achieving the automation and intelligence of the protection and control of the urban rail transit DC traction and vehicle power supply system, which greatly reduces the workload of on-site maintenance and repair, and fully ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the DC traction and vehicle power supply system .

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    DC1500V:BC98-Z100/20、BCZ4/10 Or BCZ4/20

  • 1.The electric vehicle industry widely adopts centralized high-voltage electrical system architecture for power distribution. 

    2.After directly entering into the high-voltage power distribution box (PDU) , the high-voltage power supply is distributed to the system's high-voltage electrical products based on the needs of the system. 


    3.The high-voltage components are connected through busbars and wiring harnesses to provide the control of charge and discharge , high-voltage component power-on control, circuit overload &short-circuit protection, high-voltage sam vvvpling, low-voltage control and other functions for the high-voltage system of new energy electric vehicles to protect and monitor the operation of HV system. 


    4.The main purpose of the high-voltage DC contactor control is to ensure the normal power-on and power-off of the battery system. When the car starts, the high-voltage contactor is closed to supply power and disconnected to stop the power supply when the car is stopped.

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  • 1.As the energy replenishment for electric vehicles,

    2.the performance of charging piles is related to the operation life and charging time of the battery pack, about which is also one of the aspects that c consumers are most concerned before purchasing it. 

    3.Achieving fast, efficient, safe and reasonable power supply to the power battery is the basic principle when the electric vehicle charger designed. 

    4.The charging pile consists of a rectifier that can convert the input AC power to DC power and a power converter that can adjust the DC power. By inserting the plug with the wire into the matching socket on the electric vehicle, the DC power is input into the battery and charge it.

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  • 1.The high-voltage inverter bypass cabinet is the kind used in the frequency converter of motor in power plants, water plants, industrial and mining enterprises.

    2.When the high-voltage inverter has malfunction  we can do something as follows:

    3.The power supply can to be switched from the frequency conversion cabinet to the bypass cabinet, and the motor will be directly started, 

    4.A soft starter can be connected in the middle of the bypass to start the motor. 

    5. With Five-prevention interlocking functions including preventing the accidental opening and closing of circuit breakers, contactors or isolating switches, and the accidental entry into the live compartment etc., bypass cabinet is indispensable supporting equipment for voltage inverters.

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    BCZ3/BCZ5:Low Voltage Bypass Contactors
    BCZ2-11/BCZ2-11G:High Voltage Bypass Contactors

  • 1.The optical storage and charging system is composed of photovoltaics , energy storage, charging, energy management and other units.

    2.The system can realize the trinity consists of power generation, charging/discharging, and energy storage. 

    3.Photovoltaic power generation units can deal with the situation of overload power and satisfy the need of charging, the excess power is merged into the public grid, which can realize the double benefits of photovoltaic power generation and charging operations; 

    4.By using the difference of electric price between the mount and valley and absorbing low-priced "valley power and flat power", energy storage units release energy at the peak of electricity consumption, which greatly improves the utilization of electric energy. 5 Products are often used in photovoltaic inverters, energy storage battery clusters and various charging and discharging.

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  • 1.Mining machinery is directly used for mineral mining and enrichment operations which includes mining machinery and mineral processing machinery. 

    2.The working principle and structure of prospecting machinery are mostly the same or similar to those used for mining similar minerals. 

    3.In addition, a large number of cranes, conveyors, ventilators and drainage machinery are also used in mining operations.  

    4.The above related power distribution equipment also needs contactors.

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  • 1.The new demand in the power industry comes from the newly installed capacity. 

    2.As a matter of experience, for every additional 10,000 kilowatts of power generation capacity, 60,000 low-voltage electrical components are needed. 

    3.In an environment where the market having great demand for low-voltage power distribution cabinets , the internal competition in the industry will inevitably intensify. 

    .Suppliers that provide a new generation of low-voltage complete sets of equipment and system solutions will take the lead in the future market competition.

     5.Only by having the above characteristics can the products gain an edge and seize the high ground of the fourth-generation low-voltage electrical products.

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    Products under DC1000V : BC98-Z、BCZ4-10  、 BCZ6