BCZ2 DC contactors
Features: Compact design
High level of insulation and withstand voltage
Low maintenance requirement
Long service life


  • Rated Current (RC) :100A,200A,400A,800A,1000A,1250A

    Rated Insulation Voltage (RIV) : 16000V,25000V

    Mainly used in :  

    Circuit A ---Rated Working Current 100A,200A,400A &rated insulation voltage 16000v

    Circuit B---Rated Working Current800A,1000A,1250A&rated insulation voltage 25000V

    Low voltage conversion DC contactor

    Rated Voltage (RV) :48V

    Rated Current (RC) :100A、200A、400A、600A

    Mainly used in : Uninterruptible power supply(UPS) / Programmable power supply

    1. The power supply can to be switched from the frequency conversion cabinet to the bypass cabinet, and the motor will be directly started, 

    2. A soft starter can be connected in the middle of the bypass to start the motor. 

    3 With Five-prevention interlocking functions including preventing the accidental opening and closing of circuit breakers, contactors or isolating switches, and the accidental entry into the live compartment etc., bypass cabinet is indispensable supporting equipment for voltage inverters.

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