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BC98 AC Contactors
Features: Pole 3
Blow-out permanent magnets
Long service life
Low maintenance requirement


  • Rated Voltage (RV) :690V, up to 1000V 

    Rated Current (RC) :9A~400A

    1 The new demand in the power industry comes from the newly installed capacity.

    2 As a matter of experience, for every additional 10,000 kilowatts of power generation capacity, 60,000 low-voltage electrical components are needed. 

    3 In an environment where the market having great demand for low-voltage power distribution cabinets , the internal competition in the industry will inevitably intensify.

    4Suppliers that provide a new generation of low-voltage complete sets of equipment and system solutions will take the lead in the future market competition.

     5 Only by having the above characteristics can the products gain an edge and seize the high ground of the fourth-generation low-voltage electrical products.

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