BCZ4-20 DC contactors
Features: Compact & Rugged design.
Double break contacts, Blow-out permanent magnets
Series main contacts give stronger switching capacity
Longer electrical life achieved by parallel mode


  • Rated Voltage (RV) :1500V, up to 1800V 

    Rated Current (RC) : 500A、630A、800A、1000A、1250A、1600A、2000A 

    Mainly used in :  Rail transit.

    1 The products are used in various power distribution systems in the Rail Transit industry, suitable for not only High-speed railways, Ordinary trains,Subways, Light rails (tramcars) DC 750V and 1500V Inverter appliances, but also Passenger car air conditioners, Power supplies, Backup power supplies, Battery system and Traction power supply system.

    2 Achieving the automation and intelligence of the protection and control of the urban rail transit DC traction and vehicle power supply system, which greatly reduces the workload of on-site maintenance and repair, and fully ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the DC traction and vehicle power supply system .

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