Announcement of Control Electric Organ Network

Since 2006, the company has developed several series of DC contactors and DC circuit breakers in order to meet the needs of the domestic high-tech industry.

There are BC98-Z series DC contactors suitable for charging piles;

There are BCZ4-, BC98-ZT series DC contactors suitable for rail transit;

There are BC98-ZB series DC contactors suitable for electric buses;

There are BCZ6-series DC contactors suitable for electric cars, etc.

After the above series of products were put on the market, they were welcomed and trusted by the majority of users. Sales have increased significantly every year. There are thousands of users in the domestic market, covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except Tibet and Taiwan.

The development has the international advanced technology level, and many electrical appliance manufacturers have tried to purchase samples for prevention. It takes a period of time and a certain amount of capital to make breakthroughs in key technologies. In order to speed up the application of new energy, the company is willing to dedicate products that have been developed for many years and have a certain market, and give friends who are willing to cooperate with the company an opportunity for common development. In order to complete the technical preparations for mass production in the shortest possible time, to meet the rapid development of new energy for the key components-high-voltage DC contactors.

Recently, our company discovered that there are several electrical appliance manufacturers who purchased prototypes on a trial trip to imitate our company's new products.

Our company solemnly announces: The new products launched by the company are developed according to the company's patents. The company has obtained 8 patent certificates, including 5 invention patents. Our company will protect the intellectual property rights belonging to the company in accordance with the law.

Anyone of insight who is interested in the company's new electrical appliances and has a marketing willingness, our company is willing to become a cooperative friend. There are many ways of cooperation, such as OEM, ODM regional agency, etc. The right way is the right way in the world and the vicissitudes of life. Our company is willing to cooperate with friends for mutual benefit and win-win.