Warmly congratulate Daquan Group and our company for signing a rail transit project technology research and development agreement

At the end of 2013, our company signed a rail transit project technology research and development agreement with Daquan Group, one of the top 100 Chinese electrical appliances industry. With the technical support of a professional research and development team, we completed the research and development of the new products in the agreement in mid-2014. , Was sent to the group for product inspection in a timely manner, completed the follow-up work to meet the various technical indicators, and became a qualified supplier of Daquan Group in early 2015 and signed a long-term cooperation agreement. This has contributed to the localization of components in the industry, and also carried forward the professional, refined, unique, and innovative spirit of control appliances.

Daquan Group is a large enterprise group engaged in high and low voltage complete sets of electrical appliances, intelligent components, high-speed railway equipment, new energy (polysilicon, solar cells, modules and access systems) and other industries. It is located in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu, Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone, and Wanzhou, Chongqing. There are four production bases in the district and Shihezi, Xinjiang.