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BCZ6 DC contactors
Features: Compact & Rugged design.
Double break contacts, Blow-out permanent magnets
Series main contacts give stronger switching capacity
Longer electrical life achieved by parallel mode


  • Rated Voltage (RV) :750V, up to 900V 

    Rated Current (RC) : 50A、100A、250A、300A

    Mainly used in : Photovoltaic power generation,Battery Storage,Electric Vehicles

    1 The electric vehicle industry widely adopts centralized high-voltage electrical system architecture for power distribution. 

    2 After directly entering into the high-voltage power distribution box (PDU) , the high-voltage power supply is distributed to the system's high-voltage electrical products based on the needs of the system. 


    3 The high-voltage components are connected through busbars and wiring harnesses to provide the control of charge and discharge , high-voltage component power-on control, circuit overload &short-circuit protection, high-voltage sam vvvpling, low-voltage control and other functions for the high-voltage system of new energy electric vehicles to protect and monitor the operation of HV system. 


    4 The main purpose of the high-voltage DC contactor control is to ensure the normal power-on and power-off of the battery system. When the car starts, the high-voltage contactor is closed to supply power and disconnected to stop the power supply when the car is stopped.

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